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About us

The founder - Siri Halle - the story

Siri Halle is the former junior World Champion in Norway's national sport: Cross country skiing. 

She grew up with kayaking in the summer time. After Siri left her top athlete life she started the ski school Learn2Ski in 2009 and in 2012 she started Learn2Kayak.

More that 3000 participants has joined her courses at Learn2Kayak.

Many of the course participants at Learn2Kayak and tourists asked her if she could arrange tours as well.

KayaKING Oslo - Explore Oslo by kayak - was then founded in 2015, with Siri and Finn as guides. We really enjoy to guide people around from the kayaks!

Necessary information

The minimum age is 12. Kayak experience is not necessary, but a good physical condition for a tour you need.

Normally the water is calm, but change of route can be made in case of strong wind.

Group size is 5-12 people.

You pay when you book your tour. Binding registration. For the rare case of less than 5 participants, the trip will be cancelled and you get all the payment back to your account.


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