Ski tour on the "roof" of Oslo

"When in Norway - do as the norwegians"

Cross country skiing is Norway's national sport - a sport that is really popular among norwegians and is becoming increasingly popular to the new citizens and visitors to Norway too.

With the ski tours in the woods of Oslo, we want you to experience the "roof" and the woods of Oslo by touring the trails with skis. Most of all it is a ski tour, so technical advice will just be "here and there" and when needed. For a ski course, please visit this page, link.


Who participate

You can come as a beginner, and we will walk in a moderate /slow pace.

Aim of the trip

Have a wonderful time, meet other people and learn some skiing along the way

Skis, boots and poles

You can rent equipment from us for 240 nok. You can come to our office in the city centre of Oslo (Hansteensgate 1), between 9.30 am and 09.50 am in the same morning. Then catch the T-line to Frognerseteren from the nearby station (Nationaltheatret) After the tour you can give the equipment to your guide

Number of participants 
Minimum number of participants on each tour is 4, and the maximum is 8. If you are only 2-3 persons it will be a tour of 1 hour and 15 minutes. If it is only one we will have to cancel and you get all money back

If you cannot come
It is binding registration. You can change the date of your tour up until 1 week before you scheduled tour, or later if you are sick and has a doctor's confirmation. If you are not coming, please let us know, so that the group do not have to wait for you

Learn2Ski is not responsible for injuries if it ever happens, so this is on your responsibility. Having said that, this is not a high risk sport. You can change to another tour with notice of minimum 1 week before

Snow condition
Frognerseteren usually has plenty of snow, but in the rare case of no snow, we ski at a place near by that produce a bit of extra snow.

The tours

Easy to register

Just click "Påmelding" for the time that suits you and fill out the form. You pay when you book your tour. Binding registration. Your place is guaranteed. If the course is fully booked, you get the message right when you click "påmelding". If you are able to fill out the form, then it is a vacant spot for you and you can register. Fill out the form, and we see you for a memorable experience!


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