We take your privacy seriously

We have adopted and follow EU requirements.

Privacy is important to us and we are committed to protecting the integrity, availability and confidentiality of personal information. This privacy statement provides additional information about what personal information is collected, how the information is collected and what rights you have if personal information about you is registered with us.


1. Basic requirements for the processing of personal data

Learn2 Group AS owns and operates Learn2.no, Learn2ski.no, Learn2run.no, Learn2kayak.no, Learn2windsurf.no, Learn2bike.no and Learn2climb.no, and is responsible for the processing of your personal data ("processing manager") when you visit our websites or use our services. The information is processed in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Act.


2. The purpose of the proscessing and what information we process

Information about you and how you use our services.

In order to deliver our services to you, we process information about who you are and your use of our service. We process information about name, telephone number, e-mail address, as well as postal address where we need to send something to you. In addition, we process the information you fill in on our pages when making a purchase.

Technical information

In order to deliver the service, to offer the best possible user experience to you and to be able to offer customer support, we collect and process some technical information about you as a visitor to our website. We process information about which device and browser you use, your IP address, landing page and visitor history.

Especially about payment information

Learn2 Gruppen AS does not process payment information beyond what is required by Norwegian law. When paying by invoice or card, we do not store information beyond what is necessary to ensure efficient handling of any problems with debit, cancellation of reservation or crediting. We follow the Accounting Act for the storage of accounting documents.

Especially about course information

We constantly update our status page, with updated course information, where to meet etc. To ensure important information to the course participants, we need to send them emails. The emails are sent to all participants of the course group and are not sendt as blind copy to make sure the email does not go into the spam filter. 

Protection of your personal information

It is mandatory that your personal data is stored securely and confidentially. However, there is always a risk with data transfers via the Internet. It will never be possible to secure 100% in such transfers as others may unjustifiably force access to them. Thus, it is your own responsibility when you provide your personal information.


3. Our e-mail/newsletter

We send out e-mails to our followers 1-2 times a month. Participants in our courses receive this only when it is clear that the e-letter is part of the offer. Our e-mail is intended to provide even better customer follow-up and you always have the opportunity to unsubscribe whenever you wish to.


4. Especially about cookies
Like most websites, our websites (listed above) use cookies. A cookie is a text file that is placed in your browser's internal memory when visiting or interacting with a website. Cookies from the first provider are absolutely necessary for us to be able to give you a good user experience. Third-party cookies can be turned off without affecting the functionality of the website.

The Learn2 websites uses third-party cookies from Google and Facebook. These cookies collect data about content and pages you have visited on our websites and are used for the purpose of giving you more relevant ads and offers in these channels (remarketing). The cookies from Google are in addition used to keep statistics on the user activity on our pages. The cookies contain only aggregated information and no information that can identify you as a user.

If you want to manage your cookie settings, you will find information about this here.


5. Especially about electronic marketing

Like most businesses, we want to market our services. At the same time, your privacy is important to us, and we want to limit any inconvenience this may cause you. If you have an active customer relationship with us, we will be able to send you electronic marketing of products or services that we believe are of interest to you, unless you have informed us that you do not wish to receive such inquiries.

You can change your preferences by using the unsubscribe link in the newsletters we send out or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].


6. Use of data processors

Learn2 Group AS enters into a data processor agreement with everyone who processes personal data on our behalf. Our data processors may not process your personal information in any way other than as agreed with us and described in this privacy statement. We do not transfer personal data to countries outside the EU / EEA.

When it comes to arranging courses, private lessons, trips and gift cards, we use the event solution Deltager.no. When it comes to our online courses, we use the Kajabi system with the payment solution.


7. Storage time and deletion routines

Personal data will not be stored longer than necessary to fulfill the purpose of the processing and statutory obligations we have, for example under accounting legislation.


8. Changes in the Privacy Statement

If we make changes in our privacy statement, the changes will be published on our website 14 days before they are implemented.



You have the right to access information stored about you and you can demand correction of incorrect or incomplete information. You can also request information about yourself deleted. If you believe that we process personal data in violation of the law, you can file a complaint to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (www.datatilsynet.no)

Questions or requests for access to information registered about you can be directed to [email protected]


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