Private lessons - Cross country skiing


Duration. One private lesson lasts for 40 minutes. This suits well if you are one person.
A double lesson lasts 80 minutes and suits well if you are 2, 3 or 4 persons.

Remember that a private lesson is very intense, so if 40 minutes seem short, it is quite a lot you will learn within this amount of time.

Can more than one person join?
That is totally up to you. You can register for just being you - or you can bring 1-3 other persons with you. The price will differ a bit, but it will be cheaper per person if you are more people.

Are you a group?
If you are a group of more than 4 persons, please send us an e-mail with your preferred time and area and we will try to find availability and give you an offer for the group as a whole.

Who participates

Any one who like to have the instructor by him- or herself, and have an work hard.


That is totally up to you. We can also make suggestion of what you should focus on.


It is binding registration, but you can change date up until 1 week before.

Rent of skis etc

At the Tryvann skisenter, 3 minutes drive up from Frognerseteren, you can rent skis, boots & poles. Link.


40 minutes
Price: 1200 kr

2 pers. 1600 kr / 3-4 pers. 1900 kr

See list below

Double lesson

80 minutes
Price 2100 kr

2 pers. 2800 kr / 3-4 pers. 3600 kr

See list at the bottom


Address: Holmenkollveien 199, 0791 Oslo.
Google maps code: 59.976852, 10.678674.

By car. Drive pass the Holmenkollen ski jump. Take right at Frognerseteren. Find a parking and ask for the Hefty-villa. It is the big house in the group of old houses. We meet on the southern corner of the house.

Public transportation. Take the T-bane (subway) to the final destination, which is Frognerseteren. Walk down the trail toward the big Frognerseteren Restaurant. Walk 70 meter more down and you see the big house where we meet. See the picture.

For all other places, check our Norwegian Kurssteder at the top menu. You will have the Google Maps code for every place.

For other places go to Kurssteder up in the main menu.

Private lessons - list:

For double lessons, see list below

Double lessons - 80 minutes

Price 2100 kr per double lesson (2800-3600 kr for 2-3 participants)


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