Running technique courses 

Evening course

  • 2 evenings of 75 min.

  • Price NOK 1920,-

  • Group size: 4-8
  • Where and when: See lists below

Private lesson

  • 35 minutes

  • Price 1450 kr (one person)

  • 2100/2850 kr (2-3 persons)
  • Where and when: See lists below.

Evening courses

Private lessons


Courses are taught in Norwegian, but feedbacks in English. Private lessons are given in English.


Learn good running technique and excercises for long lasting good technique.


You can change course up to one week before. Rules kunderegler.


You can see where the courses are held, and meeting point at this link: kursstedoversikten.

Evening I

Introduction to running techniche

  • Upper body. Arms, shoulder, stability, stomach 
  • The wheel. Your hips and your legs.
  • Practice. Get one to one feedback
  • Drill. How to train to get sustained good technique.
  • Frequence. You will learn the right frequence of your running.

Evening II

This evening will have focus on running downhill and in the woods

  • Drill. How to integrate the drills into your trainings.
  • Downhill run. How to run downhill.
  • Practice. Get feedback on your running.
  • Trail running. How to run in the woods.
  • Closing points and e-letter with technique tips